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      1. 中心風采




        發布日期:2019-08-19 作者: 點擊:


        1. Hello! (How do you do?) 你好!

        2. How are you?-I'm fine. Thank you. and you?


        3. Good morning / afternoon/evening/night.


        4. Excuse me。(sorry. I'm sorry)


        5. Thank you!謝謝你!

        7. How are you today? 今天還好嗎?

        8. Nice to meet you. 見到你很高興。

        9. What's your name? 你叫什么名子???

        10. My name is×××. 我叫×××。

        11. What can I do for you? 我能為你做點什么?

        12. What's wrong with you? (What’sthe matter?)


        13. It's time for class. 該上課了。

        15. Let's get ready for class! 讓我們準備上課吧!

        16. Line up please! 排隊!

        17. Attention please! 立正!

        18. At ease. 稍息。

        19. Turn left/right! 向左/右轉!

        20. One bye one please.no pushing. 一個一個來。不要擠。

        21. Let's go back to the classroom. 讓我們回教室去。

        22. It's time for (breakfast lunch supper/dinner) 該吃早餐了/該吃午餐了/該吃晚餐了

        23. Please eat up. Take your time. 把它吃完。慢慢吃。

        24. Would you like some rice!來點米飯吧!

        25. Help yourself. 請吃,別客氣。

        26. Please have some fish/vegetables. 吃點魚/蔬菜吧。

        27. Do you want anymore? 還要嗎?

        28. Anything to drink? 喝點啥?

        29. I'd like to drink some milk! 我想喝點年奶!

        30. Today we are going to learn some new words.今天我們將學習一些新單詞。

        31. Who wants to try? 誰來試試?

        32. Let me try! 我來試試!

        33. It's your turn. 輪到你了。

        34. Don't be afraid/shy! 不要害怕/不要害羞!

        35. Try your best! 盡力做/盡力試。

        36. Do you understand? 明白了嗎?

        37. Stand up/sit down.please. 請站起來/請坐下。

        38. Listen to me carefully. please. 請仔細地聽我說。

        39. Look at me ,please. 請看著我。

        40. Watch carefully. 看仔細。

        41. What are you going to do tonight? 今晚干啥去?

        42. I'm going to dynamic English world. 我要去能動英語俱樂部。

        43. I'm going to learn dynamic Magic English. 我去學能動神奇英語。

        44. What's on tonight? 今晚有什么節目?

        45. Let's watch TV. 我們看電視吧!

        46. We are going to the Pople's Park. 我們要去人民公園。

        47. Be quiet.please. 請安靜。

        48. Stop talking!(Don't talk.) 別講話。

        49. Don't worry about it. 不要為這擔心。

        50. No problem. 沒問題。

        51. Clap your hands. 鼓掌拍手。

        52. Class is over.(Time is up.) 下課了!(時間到了)

        53. See you next time.Bye bye! 下次見,再見。

        54. Well done! 干得好!

        55. You are so smart! 你真聰明!

        56. How clever you are! 你真是太聰明了!

        57. Let's have a rest.(take a break) 我們休息一下。

        58. It's time to go to bed. 該睡覺了。

        59. It's time to get up.(Wake up.please。) 該起床了(醒醒)

        60. Wash your face/hands/foot. 洗臉/手/腳。

        62. Brush your teeth. 刷牙。

        64. Let's play a game. 我們來玩個游戲。

        65. You are getting better and better. 你越來越棒了。

        66. You'er making progress everyday. 你每天都在進步。

        67. You're always the best. 你總是好的。

        68. You speak English very well. 你英語說的非常好。

        69. Do you like English? (Ilike English very much) 你喜歡英語嗎?(我太喜歡英語了)

        70. I'mpleased with your spoken English. 你的口語真令我滿意。

        71. Be brave,please. 請勇敢一點。

        72. Have a nice weekend! 周未愉快!

        73. Happy birthday to you. (Happy New Year to you) 生日快樂!(新年快樂)

        74. Put on your clothes. 穿衣服。

        75. Take off your clothes/shoes. 脫衣服/鞋子。

        76. Pardon! (I beg your pardon) 什么!請你再說一次。

        77. May I speak to×××.Please. ×××在嗎?

        78. Who is on the line? 你是誰???(電話用語)

        79. This is OSA. 我是OSA。(電話用語)

        81. Do you like Beijing? 你喜歡北京嗎?

        82. People in Shiyan are proud of Wudang Mountain. 十堰的人以武當山為豪。

        83. Are you free this afternoon? 今天下午你有空嗎?

        84. I'm inviting you to Mcdonald’s. 我請你去麥當勞。

        86. Is six o’clock ok with you? 六點可以嗎?

        87. This way .please! 這邊走!

        88. Have a good time。(Enjoy yourself) 玩得愉快!

        89. The same to you! 你也一樣!

        90. You are learning fast. 你學得很快。

        91. Keep on trying. 不斷努力。

        92. Put up your hands.please。(Raise your hands,please/hands up) 請舉手。

        93. Hands down. 放下手。

        94. Be careful. (look out) 小心!

        95. How are you feeling today? 你今天感覺怎么樣?

        96. Fine.thanks.and you? 很好,謝謝,你呢?

        97. Hope to see you again! 希望能再見到你。

        98. Drink some water/tea,please. 請喝水/茶。

        99. Which one will you choose? 你要哪個?

        100. Goodbye. See you tomorrow/late/next week! 再見。明天見。






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